Most of the organizations spend a large amount of money on advertising for skilled resources. The cost of scrutinizing the resulting responses is very high and very few resumes meet even the basic requirements. With high overheads, time pressure and multiple tasks at hand, HR department has difficulty in screening all resumes leading to inadequate staffing. Emphasis Corporate services offers resume scrutiny and resume database services that help alleviate recruitment challenges.


Training & Development

Emphasis Corporate Services has a systematic approach to deal with the various concerns basically related to the training and development of the personnel in terms of achieving goals of both Employees and Organization as a whole.

Emphasis Corporate Services is assisting our clients to bring a change in the beliefs, attitudes, values, structure, and culture so that they can implement the upcoming new technologies, markets, and challenges by identifying the training needs to provide training and measure the effectiveness of the same by evaluation and feedback by the employees and employer as well.


We provide you relevant candidates that will be deployed at your place as per their skill requirement basis under Emphasis Corporate Services payroll.

We also provide contract‐to‐hire service which is based on the performance by the candidate during the deployment phase; client can hire the candidate at the end of contract.

Contract Recruitment Service allows you to get suitable candidates for the required period thus reducing time and cost at the same time faster mobilization and demobilization of resources.

Payroll Administration

Emphasis Corporate Services offers comprehensive and personalized payroll processing to our clients by using the latest payroll software. We provide fast, accurate payroll processing by maintaining utmost confidentiality.

Statutory Compliances

We offer knowledge and insights that are imperative to getting your business statutorily and legally compliant. We are equipped to provide continuous support and updates to help you manage the complexities of various legislations.