Emphasis Corporate Services is an executive search firm based in Mumbai. The driving force behind Emphasis is its founder Mr. Neeraj Verma. Emphasis's success highly depends on his dedications.

Since its inception Emphasis Corporate Services is fulfilling the requirements of its clients with a dedicated team of consultants. Its database is constantly updated and maintained very professionally. Emphasis Corporate Services utilizes all effective mediums as it understands that locating; evaluating and hiring key executives are one of the most important challenges you and your organization face. Responding effectively to this challenge requires partnering with a search firm that can provide consistent and quality results. Emphasis Corporate Services has acquired databank of individuals and their qualifications, experience, expectations and ambitions.

Emphasis Corporate Services has raised its services and systems specifically cater to the discerning clients who desire value for money under all circumstances. We aim at satisfying both our clients and candidates through ensuring efficiency and consistency in the quality of service rendered.